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by Surgery in an Opera

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released October 25, 2014





Surgery in an Opera Flint, Michigan

juggalos of midwest emo

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Track Name: cityside
broken mountainsides split open to city to find out what's inside as the cold upon my shoulders cracks my skin.
autumns grace is upon us again. her coldness could crush me, her eyes could consume me, and her heart is buried somewhere deep within. her cold could crush my cool and all that i ask is that you keep me free from you.

i am barely even gone.
Track Name: winter
You shot me down on the parkway last saturday night.
I haven't recovered quite yet, but i am alright.
Broken record grooves reflect my soul, and the quiet i discover, and the quiet that i know.

You were a daddy's little nightmare, causing trouble up in your room.
When you brought all your friends home, having a good time, I know you just want to consume.
I am all alone, I do not care, I like it better.
I am so alone but i'm not scared, I waste all of my days.

When the earth stops it's turn and the sun stops it's burn will you remember yesterday?
When the daylight turns to dusk and the pain is far too much remember decemeber will always pass.
Track Name: pizza is for pop punk kids
I am so broken (I broke up with my girlfriend)
I met her at warped, last summer or may,
we drove back home, stoppin' at every place.

Listening in my car to say anything songs or anything just to find a place to belong.

I started a band (Just like man overboard),
we write songs about life being so hard.
If you tweet all of the words, we'll love you forever,
and we might open warped.

Now here comes everyone's favorite pretentious singalong.
Track Name: COLD STATE
Voices and choices are helplessly leading me nowhere, but somewhere, i know that i'll find you well hidden, and smitten, up in the mitten state that i've known, and the world that you've shown is unfolding before my very eyes, and is bestowing the most treasured special prize.

Coming on down to the world in front of me,

I know that we'll go somewhere new, I know it's our destiny to. Our unwritten tradgedy.
When the words come out right, and you can't seem to write all the wrongs in your mind, you feel so sublime.
your life gone off track, the tongue lashing out with the snap of the crack, the whip in your back.
The rules that we broke, and the giant we woke, breaking out from the trap, far too strong for the scraps.
Track Name: something different
the narcissism song

Fear and self-loathing are what I do best:
fuck your band anyways, it all leads to sleeping past noon in the end.
that was the old me the one you hated for ever.
fuck what you told me, you were never my friend.

My own worst enemy inside of my head.
Causing my doubts, apathy, and the longing for loneliness i guess.
Crossing the battlefield inside of my chest,
It's tearing me apart, the fucked up thoughts i express.

I take a chance just to better myself.
I try to enjoy everything but the emotions don't help.
Panic and fear, looking for a way out.
Quitting everything that causes me doubt.